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What is the fabric used to make these face masks?
We offer 2 options of Reusable Cloth Face Masks - 100% Woven Cotton Fabric and the 100% Cotton Knit Jersey Fabric. Both styles are made with premium high density cotton. Our fabric is tightly woven to make the face mask more effective to serve its purpose.

Is this face mask latex free ?
Yes. Our face masks are completely latex free.

Does it have a bendable nose strip?
Yes. Our reusable cloth face masks have a metallic nose strip that can be pinched to adjust and fit the masks to any face.

Does it have adjustable ear loops?
Yes. Our face mask is kept in place with soft elastic ear-loops that are adjustable. The ear-loops have a ring that can be pulled to adjust the length of the ear-loops for a snug fit.

Do they hurt around the ears?
No. On the contrary, the ear-loops are super soft and comfortable for long wear times. We do not use store bought elastics for our face masks. We have used special brushed elastic for superior comfort around your ears so you can keep the mask on as long as needed.

What is the size of the masks?
Our adult size reusable face masks are ‘one size fits most’. The nose to chin coverage is 6 inches and side to side coverage is 9 inches. The adjustable elastic ear-loops can be used to pull and adjust the mask to fit snug on most face sizes.

How good is the face coverage?
If you notice, our reusable face masks are not just one flat piece of cloth (like most other masks) but in fact have specially designed nose dart and chin coverage. These features make the mask fit perfectly and snug on your face without sliding or leaving gaping openings that could compromise the protection. Our face masks fit well from above the nose to under the chin as well as from side to side.

How many fabric layers does this mask have?
We have used 2 layers of high density 100% Cotton fabric with an additional 3rd layer to insert the carbon filter. That means that the face mask has 3 layers of fabric.
Included with the face masks is a 5 layer PM2.5 carbon filter, which provides protection against all particles larger than 2.5 microns.

What kind of filter can I use with this mask ?
Our cloth face masks come with one 5 layer carbon filter that provides protection against all particles that are larger than 2.5 microns. Just for reference, thickness of a human hair is 50 microns.

Where do I buy replacement filters?
You can buy right here : 5-Layer Protective Mask Filter Replacement.

Is this ready to wear or should we wash it first before use?
These face masks are ready to wear but if you choose to wash them, that’s fine too.

Where is this made?
These cloth face masks are designed in Seattle and assembled in Qingdao.

Is this face mask N95 certified?
No. These are not medical grade face masks. These are CDC recommended cloth masks for personal protection.

Does this make your glasses foggy when you are wearing this mask?
Glass fogging is a common problem with wearing masks because the hot breathe escapes from the top of the masks and goes straight to the glasses. Our metal nose strip can be adjusted snug so that the breathe escapes from the sides and not from the top to reduce the fogging.

How often can the mask be washed ?
These are made from 100% Cotton to withstand at least 50 washes.

Where is this product being shipped from?
Our cloth face masks ship from our warehouse in Preston WA.

After washing can you put in dryer?
We recommend that you line dry the masks since they are a small accessory and should not take much time to dry. But if you choose to tumble dry them, we recommend that you put them in a lingerie bag or something to prevent the elastic from snagging into another piece of clothing.

Are these returnable?
No. Since these are hygiene products, we cannot accept returns for these masks.

Does mask have a pocket for a filter?
Yes. Our cloth face masks have a filter pocket inside to slide your filter into.